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About Twenty & Trying

Wait a second... you mean to tell me our twenties are supposed to matter? How can we take advantage of them during this strange time period when we don't really feel like an adult? 

These were the questions Twenty & Trying creator, Charlotte, asked herself after reading "The Defining Decade." Instead of sitting back idly, Charlotte decided to create Twenty & Trying, a podcast for other twenty-somethings navigating this uncertain decade. The pair chats about the struggles and successes of this decade, breaking down the facade social media creates.

During each episode, hosts Charlotte and Peyton unpack and discover ways to take advantage of their twenties and discuss tips to stand out among other people our age and maximize their twenties.

While the world is constantly changing, it may seem to twenty-somethings we are stuck in this weird in-between stage; there are ways to try and thrive during this decade.

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