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Embracing your passions

Writing was always something that came natural to me. Until about two years ago, when suddenly, the words stopped flowing like they used to. I think the lack of creative passion is to blame – but the question of where I lost that passion is still unanswered. It drifted away so suddenly and I can’t help but wonder why.

I have avoided finding it with an endless amount of excuses and distractions. I am busy living abroad, so I am too busy write. I am preparing for my final semester of college, so I don’t have enough focus to write. I am in the middle of the pandemic, so it is too stressful to write.

I am graduated and jobless, so I don’t want to write.

On and on it goes, and I become more and more creatively lost. The passion is gone, the search is over. The light inside has dimmed.

Until today! The words are finally coming to me – wanting to be written. I am not entirely sure what they want to say, but my laptop is out and on this document I am writing. Has the light and creative spark turned back on? I no longer need the answers for what has passed.

Today is different and there is no reason to explain why it is. We live in a world where we try so hard to reason with things, when we should really focus on how certain questions (and passions) make us feel.

For some, passions are quick and fleeting. Some may argue you shouldn’t wager your life and livelihood on them. But to some, these passions are new beginnings, things you want to pursue. Many guests on Twenty and Trying have told us how following their passions have led to entire lives that they never thought they would live. They embraced something they loved with an uncertain future over the fear of failure within a set path. Something I personally think is quite admirable.

I listen to these guests each week and I think of all the things I once wanted. The things I tried letting go of. The future I want. But I do nothing.

Now, I think I will give it a go.

Writing, storytelling, giving voices to the voiceless – that is what I am passionate about. I am done making excuses. These words may only appear now and then be lost forever, but am I willing to bet on the possibility that they won’t?

The words are here today. I welcome them and any future words with open arms.

I hope you will embrace your passion too.

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