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Feeling Good and Attracting Your Desires: Twenty and Trying with Hilay Farooq

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

We sat down with Hilay, a feminine magnetism expert who coaches women helping them achieve self-alignment and attract their inner-most desires.

"Now What?"

“I went into a corporate sales job, did the typical recruiter thing in the beginning and wore my heels to work and pretended to be a grownup but really i was not, I was just playing the part.”

We live in a 3D world. I don't know about you, but I unfortunately feel practicality needs to take a front seat on the ride of life. What I mean by this is choosing the corporate job over trusting your intuition and taking the road less traveled. I've always been one for going down the different road, but now as a twenty-something I feel as though I need to conform to the typical "adult" road. That is of course until Peyton and I sat down with Hilay, a feminine magnetism expert who works with women asking themselves "now what?"

When the tradition path isn't right

After realizing the corporate world wasn’t for her, Hilay quit her job land traveled to Thailand and Bali without any intentions in hope to find clarity. But while it looked like she was having a great time and her corporate friends were jealous of her, Hilay shared she wasn’t happy, instead was anxious and felt unmotivated lacking direction since she still didn’t know what she wanted to do.

“For me to get where I am, it was a million little pivots and saying yes to things that kind of felt right.”

Saying yes to things you think are right can help you learn what you like and what you don’t like. It can be a gateway to discovering your “truth”.

What is Feminine Spirituality

“Learning how I can harness this muscle consistently so when these big moments arise, I can feel that sensation in my chest.”

leaning into all the initiative pulls along the way, the full body tugs and leaning away from things that don’t feel aligned with you until you land where you’re meant to be that feels like where you belong and can shine an authentic light.

Of course your intuition isn’t just something to listen to for the big life decisions. It is hard to balance listening to your intuition all while making practical choices. “In those moments when there is so much weight on that decisions, it’s super scary to trust your gut without reason and logical,” Hilay shared. But you can start with small decisions like what do you want to eat for breakfast or picking which workout or small decisions that give your body and self what it’s really looking for.

So what can you do

  • Figure out what makes you feel like you?

  • Ask the right self discover questions

  • Know what you want

  • Operate on a deeper level

  • Video journal- go to a quiet place and record yourself and let everything inside you out. You will discover what you really want within this “container” of clarity

“We don’t attract what we say we want. We attract what we unconsciously desire.”

Remember, our mind gives us a multiple choice option but our body acts on impulse so Hilay recommends sinking into your body and get out of your mind.

“You get everything you want, it’s just often times by the time you get it maybe you realize ‘maybe I didn’t this.’”

You can connect with Hilay

After chatting with Hilay, I felt inspired to ask myself and question what I really want out of life. Do I want to work for a local news station, or should I focus all my energy and attention on the job applications that make me feel the most like Charlotte (me?)

If you feel as though you are asking yourself the same questions, you can connect with Hilay and figure out your own "now what." Good luck!

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