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New Study Finds a Man's Face may Determine Thoughts on Casual Sex

Go on a journey with me; you are swiping through Bumble or Hinge and see fish pic after fish pick and even a dog fishing photo here and there. You swipe left on some and right on a few, then you come across this guy and you think, "He looks like a f***boy," and you swipe left. Now some people may say, "don't judge a book by its cover," but a new study from Macquarie University finds that women can determine a man's view on casual sex based on the shape of their face.

There is no denying this page is for twenty-something and many know what a f*ckboy, but in case you've been living under a rock, Urban Dictionary defines them as "a boy who f*cks girls around; gives mixed signals, tell you they want you then drop you" pretending you don't exist.

In the research paper, published in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior, researchers Joseph Antar and Ian Stephen explain the pair administered a questionnaire to 103 young people which was designed to measure their openness to casual sex. describe their study, which involved volunteer questionnaires, along with a photograph. The researchers found women could accurately match men's views on casual sex based on their photos, but men could not.

Surprisingly, researchers found facial indicators with men who have casual views on sex. They have larger spaces between their eyes, broader faces, wider noses, stronger jawlines, and thinner lips.

While several recent studies show women have become far less interested in casual sex, an April article from the New York Post mentions some people are calling this season "slutty summer" or "the whoring '20s." So what is inspiring this "shot girl Summer," as Megan Thee Stallion so eloquently put it? Answer: the rise of vaccinations and the eagerness to get back into the live dating scene. Now I get it; for us twenty-something, we feel like we lost a year of our lives letting our precious twenties slip by. The gates are open, and the vaccine offers us the protection to be free.

So can you determine who a f*ckboy is, and after the year we've all had, do we even care, or are we all ready to get back out there?

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